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The Truth Music Industry Formula

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Artists often want to know if there is an exact formula they can follow to guarantee success in the music industry. Does a formula like this exist? What can artists to do to help ensure a successful outcome? Is it possible to follow an exact business plan to become a successful artist or is the outcome in the industry determined by pure luck?

Timing is Important

When it comes to getting it right in the music industry, timing is everything. It does not matter what other talents an artist has on their side, or what strategies they have put in place, timing is the main factor. Watch the market to see when an exact type of talent or unsigned artist is needed. This way, you’ll know when your perfect time might be.

Supply and Demand

Just like with any other product, the music industry has supply and demand chain. Some genres have more demand than others. Also, local demand and national demand for unsigned musicians are very different. Just because you have a breakthrough in your local area, does not mean you are going to have a national breakthrough. There are artists that thrive locally, but don’t generate enough publicity to get international or even national attention.

Talent Isn’t Black & White

Talent is a lot more than an artist’s voice or instrumental skills. It includes skills such as dancing, presence, songwriting, and musical composition. It also has a lot to do with how you present yourself to the public. Above all of this, the most important talent to have as an artist is the ability to connect with your public.

You must be able to connect with an audience and make them feel the message you are trying to convey. After all, music is about sharing a story and generating emotions. When record labels are evaluating talent and promoting musicians, they look at an artist as a package. If an artist has strong skills in one area, it can make up for lacking others.

Using Your Image to Maximize Success

Your image should be yours alone. While familiarity can help your cause, there should also be something completely unique about your personal style and image. Fans don’t want to see the exact same thing over and over and they definitely do not want to see an artist who is exactly like another.

Show Your Stuff

Experience as an artist can mean a lot of things when it comes to song promotion. It includes how many shows you’ve done and how well you prepare at rehearsals. But most importantly, it’s about how you deal with failure and overcome it. It’s how you overcome rejection or make positive things out of negative feedback. Experience is a good thing, and so is professionalism. When you’re an unsigned artist, the more experience and professionalism you have, the better chance you’ll have of being signed by a major label. Use what you know to let people you’re serious about your music.

Everything Comes at A Price

Real life isn’t like the movies. Most likely, you are not going to be magically successful overnight just because you have amazing talent. Plenty of people with amazing talent never see the light of day when it comes to the music industry. It takes effort, time, and many times, even money to get where you want. The music industry does not offer a free rise to success. Work with other artists, stay in the studio, network within the industry, play gigs, and more.

These things often take more money and time than some realize. Even the best of artists can fall flat on their face quickly without careful planning.

Learn from the Best

Learning from the best is both a blessing and a curse. Those who have had success can see things that you never would on your own. But it’s also possible for a mentor to focus too much on things that don’t work for you, too. Mentors and advisors are important. Just be sure that you choose the right ones and make sure to evaluate each piece of advice you are given to see if it will work for you.

Know What They Want and Use Your Bests & Worsts to Provide It

Connecting with your fan base is perhaps the best way to grow as an artist. Not only is it an important part of song promotion, but you get to know what your fans really want. Artists and fans can now communicate freely in ways that artists from past generations could only dream about. You can’t just give in to every demand that comes along, but take the good ideas as they come. While there are always going to be fan events set up by agents and promoters, social media is an artist’s direct lifeline to fans and can’t be underestimated. Know your personal bests and worsts and use those to decide what you can and cannot give to your fan base. Anything else that’s workable can be delegated to a team.

Getting Play

Music promotion can be a tricky thing. Sometimes the road to record sales and radio play can be longer and rockier than an artist originally thought it would be. It can also be a vicious circle, as it can take radio play to get record sales and vice versa. It also may take a lot of shows being booked and played to get either. Getting all three helps ensure success. However, it can be difficult to get play in any of those arenas without showing experience and a fan base from at least one. Yet and still, even artists that do get to that point still may not sell enough records to keep it going. This is why it’s important to constantly be doing things to ensure success in all areas.

Adapting to Change

Be patient. Even if you do everything right, success is not always an instant guarantee. You have to learn to be flexible. Sometimes that means just relaxing and not overdoing it. But more than anything, it means you need to get used to things not going as planned. Changes that occur in the industry, accepting gigs you might not usually do, breaking your fixed routines, and things that throw you off schedule are the only thing certain in the music industry. The artists that go above, and beyond and have the ability to go with the flow, will usually rise up quicker than those who can’t.

Learn the Industry Inside and Out

This is the only way you’ll ever succeed in the music industry. You must know every nook and cranny of the music scene, and exactly how each moving part works to make a whole when promoting musicians. This means you need to study exactly what to do in the studio, learn about royalties and other revenue, publishing deals, bookings, and so much more. Music may be the main focus, but it’s far from the only thing you need to know. You must also be a master at research and business. This knowledge will not only help you advance quickly, but it can help prevent people from taking advantage of you and causing you to start over from scratch.

Get Your Right Band for Your Big Day

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A live band can be very exciting and adds some additional enhancement to just having a DJ. It doesn’t have to be an expensive part of the wedding reception. Compare offers to find out what the price will be. It is a good idea to include the band members in the reception too so you can offer them food and drinks along with your other guests.

Listen to the Options

If you have gone to a wedding or other event recently, you may have a particular wedding band Manchester in mind. You have already seen them and heard them and you were impressed with what they had to offer. If that hasn’t been the case for you, start asking around. Chances are others you know have gone to such events recently.

You can also search online to find wedding band Manchester possibilities. This is a great way to search because you can often see videos and listen to audio of them preforming. If you like what you hear, you can contact them for additional details. If you aren’t impressed or it isn’t the sound you are looking for, just mark them off your list.

Are they Reliable?

Find out how long a wedding band Manchester has been together. Are they still going to be around when your wedding day arrives? Do they have a reputation for showing up on time and giving it their all for the performance? If they have complaints about them relating to not showing up, being late, or other issues you don’t want to hire them.

Schedule Time to Talk

You need to find out if the wedding band Manchester will be available when you need them. This is why you don’t wait until the last minute. Most of these bands have other events on the calendar and if your date is already taken, they can’t show up. If they are available, talk to them about certain songs you would like to have played, the duration of the reception, and more.

They may have some questions for you too in order to determine if they would like to take the gig. You can’t blame them for being selective when it comes to where they will perform. They may avoid certain venues due to the sound system or other details there that you don’t know about.


If the wedding band Manchester does agree to get you on the schedule for that date, make sure you find out all of the details before you sign a contract. This includes when they will show up, how long they will play, and what you will pay for them to perform. All of this needs to be in writing. They may ask you to provide a deposit for the event at the time the contract is signed.

Only pay them with a type of payment that can be tracked such as a personal check. Avoid paying cash as there is no way to verify that you did pay it if any issue should arise. Make sure you follow up with them in the weeks leading up to the wedding to verify they are still showing up and everything is on track.

Different Kind Style of Music

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Music is a melody of words. A lover’s song to his love. A vent for anger. A sight painted by a musician for a blind man. A plea for deliverance. It brings happiness to the heart. It is the expression of life. Music has thousands of meanings. To explain all the ways it touches the heart is rather difficult, but the essence of music is to reach out and communicate a message not understood. It has evolved in style and composition over the ages, which resulted in different types and forms. Different types of music evolved as civilizations evolved and made their mark in the human history.


Instrumental music uses a composition of instruments to create the perfect rhythm and beat whether it is classical, jazz, opera, or other musical styles. This type of genre is different as there are no vocals and no lyrics and is enjoyed by many. It just uses the beat of a drum, the strings of a guitar, the chords of a violin, the sound of a trumpet and a range of other instruments to create music. Gary Gable, Richard Amos and John Adams are some of the most famous instrumental music composers.


Trance music style uses the electronic medium to create the melody. It had originated in the 1990s. The melodious notes take the listener to an emotional high. It uplifts the mood giving the listener an out of the world experience. Goa trance is a subset of this music type which originated in the late 1980s in Goa, India. This type of music has been the icon of hippie culture. Tiesto is one of the globally recognized, famous trance players. He wanted to share his music with others.


Country music finds its inspiration in traditional folk, Celtic, and Gospel. Country music brings the listener closer to home, inducing a feeling of warmth and nostalgia. Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn and Merle Haggard are some of the most famous country music composers and singers of all time. The origin of the country music dates back to the 1940s.

Hip Hop:

Hip hop is rhythm, its style, it’s shaking your leg to the very rhythmic vocal. It originated in the 1970s. Hip hop is much influenced by African American culture and the Jamaicans. The funky style of music is famous among teens for its easy style and rhythm. This is a different music type as it does not have any historic tradition involved. It is very urban, chic and contemporary.


This popular genre uses the traditions of music for its compositions. Classical musical is divided into many classical genres which include Baroque, Chamber Music, Opera and Romantic just to name a few. However, Indian classical music is one of the most popular in this category. It originates from the Vedas, brining in the 7 notes to make different ragas. Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Begam Akhtar, Amir Khan and Kishori Amonkar are some of the legendary classical singers.


The sumptuous notes of Latin melodies gets the world grooving at its feet. The beat, the rhythm, the mandolin and the plucking of strings are incredible. Dances like the Salsa, the Mambo and the Cha, Cha, Cha evolved to enjoy this style of music. Latin music style makes the world come alive.

It is a Herculean task to put down so many types of music. These are just a few popular ones, which the world has discovered. However, the traditional folk style, Jazz and the magic it creates with the saxophone, the Blues which sing the song of the heart and the Tribal music which comes straight from the jungles are some other melody types. The styles of music will keep evolving and continue to remain an integral part of human development. Yes, of course, we are an outcome of its transformation. Let’s not forget that it is the music of the heart, its beat and rhythm that gives us life and love!

Tips To Find Best Singer for Your Event

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It can be easy to focus just on your own style of music but you want to think broader. Think about the profile for the guests who will be in attendance. Think about their backgrounds and their age group. What will appeal to the masses that are going to show up? You want it to be delightful music to their ears!

You may be thinking it is your wedding or party, so you should get what you want. Hopefully, you aren’t going to make it all about you. If the music isn’t appealing, many of your guests could leave early. When it is enjoyable, they are going to listen, sing along, and dance the night away!

Easy to Work with

You don’t want to work with any singer for hire that is difficult to communicate with. They should be open about what they can offer and what they can’t. They should be able to quote you a price to show up at a given location and to perform for a given period of time. They should be able to share you with examples of their past performances.

Ask them about the songs they can offer and if they have a list you can see. It can be useful to go through it with the singer for hire and let them know certain ones you do want played and any you definitely don’t. If there are certain meaningful songs you need played at the event, ask them if they are willing to learn them. They should be able to do so to make it special.

Specific Needs

Talk to the singer for hire about any specific needs you may have. Do you need them to show up early to get set up? Would you like them to do several sets of the same songs or a completely differently line up? Are you playing to feed them and what will the break situation be? They may have some terms too that you have to agree to or they won’t come to sing for you.

Be willing to negotiate when it comes to specific needs. If you are too difficult to work with, you aren’t going to get any decent singer for hire to agree to work with you. They often have enough work coming their way that they can be selective. They can turn down work if they feel it isn’t going to be a good fit. They love to sing and they want it to be fun, not a hassle.

Take your Time

Don’t be in a rush when it comes to a singer for hire. Take your time to find someone who is a great fit all the way around. You want it to be a fun event and not something you are stressed about. Work with them to provide solutions to anything that may be a barrier. Evaluate your options so you don’t have any regrets in the end about who you hired.

Ask plenty of questions so you know the who is out there and what they can deliver. Once you find the right provider, get them secured for your event so they don’t slip through the cracks. Make sure you share your own experience so that others can benefit from it as well. When you find a great singer, sharing that information with others can create more business for them.